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Mama Imara Super Growth Hair Oil (4 oz)

Mama Imara Super Growth Hair Oil  (4 oz)
Mama Imara Super Growth Hair Oil (4 oz)
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What This Hair Oil Will Do For You?

This oil will grow your hair super-fast. My hair grew 15 inches in 15 months. Usually, hair grows at 1/2 to an inch a month, so this oil doubled my hair growth.

This oil will reverse hair loss. Due to normal hormonal changes, many mothers experience “postpartum hair loss." Not only did this oil minimize the amount of hair I lost post-pregnancy, my hair grew better than it ever has.

This oil will change everything about your hair. My hair grew not only in length but in volume, thickness, and strength. It now has incredible texture and body and is so much easier to manage because this oil has softened and detangled my hair.

This oil will save you time. Unlike in the past, my natural hair is so manageable, and I save a lot of time in the bathroom. I can’t tell you how happy this makes me because being a new mom does not give one the luxury of lengthy bathroom routines.

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